The Game Of Box-Office

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In the beginning, there were two families which branched out right from a single mother- Cinema. Both of them ruled over the Land of CineFandom without any restraint and envy. Soon, the thirst for power urged the Clichés to drive away the Contents from a major portion of the territory thus creating a dictatorship over the whole Land.

As for today, King Content ruled over a small piece of the territory with his minimal population of fans and army of supporters, who believed in him and his methods. He was quite contended with all the love he acquired from them. Until, one day…

“Your techniques are great. They are overwhelming and I see a great potential in you…to change the future of our Land of CineFandoms. You deserve a place, not here in IndieLand, but right at the capital…the BollyLand,” said the most famous Critic of the Land.

“Thank you so much, Lord Critic. But I like it better here,” said the king of IndieLand.

“Come on, Content. You yourself know you are tired of tasting this same love and appreciation from your people all the time. You want competition, you want a challenge. And BollyLand provides you that.”

King Content stays silent, churning his thoughts.

“What’s there to think about it, Content? Are you afraid?”


“You see…you are the King. In the end, the subjects want nothing but a good story. And you’re the one who can provide them with that. You are after all, King Content, Lord of the IndieLand, Creator of Meaningful Stories, Protector of Lesser-known-but-great Actors!”

The King looks into the eyes of the Lord Critic, searching an answer for him. He lets out a heavy breath, looks at his Queen, his family and his people gathered in the Court.

“Yes, I will march for BollyLand.”

It creates a stir amongst the crowd. Some sad to see their king going away, others delighted expectantly to see him triumph in the war.

King Content was fearless, bold and never hesitated with his methods. He was grim looking, had a ‘long-cut’ hair and stylistically dyed hair. He was a true piece of art. That was the reason his subjects loved him so much.


Faster than wildfire and Cersei’s legs, if anything could spread, then that was gossip of the citizens of the Land of CineFandoms.

While the BollyLand was shook by fear and expectations, there was someone in the seas, who saw that as an opportunity to dig his claws into the realm. The Lord of all pirates of the Sea of Internet, the Torrent. This was the chance for him, to become the God and rule over the people of CineFandoms. Already many of them had sworn allegiance to him, but he wanted the whole realm to approach him forever.

He had started making his plans.


The Ruler of BollyLand, King Cliché was quite shocked to hear the news. Unlike the King Content, he was always quick in his actions, melodramatic, mainstream and had ‘short-cut’ hair. He soon ordered the beheading of Lord Critic, who had influenced King Content to march for the capital. The newly appointed Lord Critic, aka Best Reviewer was a cunning fellow.

Unlike everyone, Best Reviewer had risen to his present status through a life of turmoil and poverty. They say he has a powerful friend watching over his back. And that is why he is never afraid of choosing his words in his opinions. He had saved the King’s ass a lot many times by convincing the people to remain faithful to him and his films.

Now appointed as the new Lord Critic, he had been handled with a major responsibility.


Meanwhile, King Content had devised out a strategy to win over the people of BollyLand. He had started smuggling CDs and DVDs of his works, his films to the BollyLand. That way, he planned to influence the people to look for meaning in the films, rather than gulp down whatever meaningless was forcefully served to them. An insider of BollyLand, the Distributor helped him with this.

The story of Distributor was quite similar to that of the Best Reviewer. Growing up as a poor yet talented boy, he was first spotted by King Content at the Film-Festival, the annual festival in the Land Of CineFandoms. The King had adopted him, fed him and nurtured him. In return, the Distributor had sworn to protect the King and help him whenever the need arises. And today was the day.

In a matter of few days, the demand from the people of BollyLand grew enormous. King Content was overwhelmed to see this huge response. He was now in a fix to find the means to meet his demands. He knew he had support from the people of BollyLand, so he decided to take a huge step forward. A step, for which he would curse himself soon.


King Cliché was not worried about the crisis as much as his brother was. Lord ClichédContent was the only one in the family who was despised upon by all around him, the reason being quite obvious. He was born a bastard from a woman at IndieLand. He was a half-Cliché and half-Content. For his unique features, he was often referred to as the Misfit.

ClichédContent knew the trades very well, more than his brother. He could see who would stand up against them, the revolt by the people and so, he tried to push him to take stronger actions because the ‘Indie was coming’.


Upon the request by King Critic, Distributor went to the court of King Cliché to ask for a screening of his King’s work. Enraged by this betrayal of his, King Cliché orders his execution in public. Soon, King Content gets to know of this and feels sorry for him. He had lost a great soldier in this war.

Torrent, the Lord of Pirates, sees this as his opportunity to enter into the war. He makes a proposal to King Content one day.

“All the people of BollyLand are, in one way or the other connected to the Internet Sea, whose one and only lord is me, Lord Torrent. I have the means by which I can reduce the revenue of King Cliché.”


“By supplying his films to his people for free. They will no longer go to see his films in the theatres and that will decrease his revenue, and his administration would grow weak, and then cease to exist. Together we can rule the Land of CineFandom.”

The proposal sounded to be the perfect weapon of victory to King Content and he shook hands with Lord of the Pirates.


In a matter of weeks, the revenue had stepped down to nothing and Cliché’s administration suffered a lot. King Cliché had grown weak and weary of this. To make matters worse, King Content also made alliance with some small platforms, collectively known as SocialMedia, promising them some revenue in return. The whole force of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VimeoOnDemand and of course Torrent devastated the reigning power by influencing the citizens towards more content-driven and meaningful films.

King Cliché was killed in the fight, and so came the rule of King Content. The whole family except Lord Clichéd Content; for his dual roots, was sent to exile. The Land Of CineFandoms was happy to see their new king at the Box-Office. Content was the new King! Soon, his films were being showcased at BollyLand’s most prominent theatres. King Content was finally watching his dream come true. But, someone else had other dreams too.


Lord Torrent had been successful in removing one thorn on his way to rule over the people of BollyLand. But, the other was still there. He finally called for his friend Best Reviewer to help. Upon his order, the new Lord Critic started giving mixed reviews about King Content’s films. He trashed some of them, and wrote confusing reviews about others. Before he could fathom, King Content was facing losses the same way Cliché had. This wasn’t what he had expected.

Furthermore, the autonomous body of judging films all over the Land Of CineFandoms, The Censor Board was banning many of his films for being too violent and sexually explicit. All that led the films to lose their actual juice and meaning. People stopped going to the theatres due to this and instead, resorted to Torrent for the free viewing. This added to the losses.

Soon, Torrent was indirectly ruling all over the Land. With the help of ads, he had begun grossing huge profits out of this. The Box-Office was now completely his. Indirectly. But his. Shattered by this, King Content succumbed to death. And Lord Torrent knew there was no one to challenge him now.


The Misfit was still to avenge for his brother’s loss, when King Content was himself shown the door to death. He knew Lord Torrent was unofficially ruling BollyLand and so, the Land of CineFandom from the sea. He had to bring an end to this.

Since his childhood, Lord Misfit had seen an extreme potential in King Content and his films. He had somehow hypothesized that the perfect amalgamation of Content and Cliché was the way to rule the hearts of people all over CineFandom. It was just waiting to be put into action. With some of his loyal associates, he made a pilot film which was a ripe mixture of both Content and Cliché in balanced proportions.

The film had all elements from both the families in such a way that it was hard for Lord Critic to bash. The citizens of BollyLand noticed this sudden change. Some of them dared to go to the theatres and returned with joy all over their face. In addition to that, The Censor Board had given a complete green signal to the film, thus maintaining its original essence.

And so it was. Lord Misfit understood the recipe at last. Being a common representative of the IndieLand and BollyLand, he was widely accepted all over the Land Of Cinefandom. Soon, people avoided the use of Lord Torrent’s free supplies and accepted Lord ClichédContent aka Misfit as their new king at the Box-Office.

The war was finally over. It was the balance that the subjects needed. Not an excess of anyone.

A perfect mixture.



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