Fast And Furious 7: A Review, A Goodbye and Anticipation of A New Journey…

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Movies
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Once in a while there comes a movie series that not only creates a genre for itself, but makes a special place in its fandom’s heart, who would always be excited to see one more movie featuring some of their favourite stars – GOOD or BAD. Fast and Furious is definitely one of them. Some movies create some superstars in such a way that when a certain situation presents itself, the first thing that flashes in your mind is the guys. For me, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have always been THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. Unfortunately, this is the last movie for one of them, Paul Walker. So I imagine everyone who ever liked a FF movie is going to rush to cinemas as soon as possible, good or bad doesn’t really matter. And I am happy to report: it is ALL GOOD, VERY VERY GOOD!


After a few hiccoughs ( looking at: 2F2F and FF4 ), the series went back to its base of outrageous , over-the- top action and fun with FF5 and kept improving. With FF7 we finally get back on track with the convoluted timeline of FF series, FF4, 5, 6 being prequels to FF3: Tokyo drift, we start movie from the final part of FF3, the death of beloved Han. As we know from end of FF6, JASON STATHAM ( Transporter, The Italian Job, Death Race, Lock stock and two smoking barrels  <Hera Pheri 2 being a very poor copy of this BRILLIANT movie for those who don’t know, if u haven’t see it ASAP!>) plays the avenging brother of previous big bad Luke Evans’ Shaw – Deckhard Shaw. He starts the movie with a great entry and a combat with DWAYNE JOHNSON( A.K.A the Rock, Scorpion King, previous FF movies among others) and never looks back on his journey to kill everyone who had anything to do with his brother’s death. There are very few stars in Hollywood that can stand in front of VIN DIESEL‘s (FF, XXX, Riddik series, GOTG) Dominic Terrano otherwise Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham might have been the best choice they could have made. He is totally believable in his Terminator like character which keeps showing and keeps coming at you NO MATTER WHAT. For the first time, an FF movie has some truly good Hand to Hand combats and really, Jason Statham gets most of the credit. His dialogue delivery is impeccable, his every movement, even calmly finishing dinner is threatening, he is cold hearted and menacing, he is the ideal FF7 big bad!

fast-and-furious-7            From there, Dom and Brian O’Connor (PAUL WALKER) go through a stunning journey and race against time to save their family aided by Kurt Russell’s ( Silkwood, big trouble in China, the thing) impressive Mr. Nobody to secure a genius hacker named Ramsey (NATHALIE EMMANUEL  – Game of thrones, looking as fabulous as ever) and her mighty new weapon God’s eye, so they can capture and put an end to the shadow – Deckhard Shaw.

Speaking of the actors, let’s first take the central quartet …

Vin Diesel as Dom is as good as ever, be it the team leader, the family patriarch, the big brother, kickass driver or the street fighter. His action sizzles, his emotions mists you too. We all know he considered Paul Walker his brother in real life too, and that shines through this movie. His emotional good bye is just heart breaking and REAL. Speaking of good byes, I feel this movie was always supposed to be a send-off for Paul Walker’s charming Brian and Jordana Brewster’s Mia. According to reports, movie was shot 80% by the time Paul passed away, and still from the very start you can see the conflict of Paul’s to stand by his new family or the thrills of the fast lane. Paul is just as good as ever in his role of charming heartthrob turned devoted family man. His moments with his son tender, his driving cool as cucumber, his action scenes explosive.( especially with his hand – to – hands with Tony Jaa.)

MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ as Letty is finally back to her original bad-assery here, her fight with Ronda Rousey (the MMA star) is another great hand-to- hand combat and her scenes with Dom give the movie an emotional depth that FF usually lacks. Her little stolen moments with Dom sparkles through the movie, and ends with a great scene you would not expect in an FF movie.

Dwayne Johnson here has a smaller role than previous ones, but whatever moments he has on screen, he DOMINATES. He is funny and he is furious. Hoping for a bigger role for him in future.

TYRESE GIBSON as Roman Pearce is finally funny again after a few okayish movies, his every dialogue well written, and his delivery is smooth! He is hilarious every time he opens his mouth! CHRIS BRIDGES “Ludacris” as Tej Parker has a short role but leaves his mark. LUCAS BLACK as Sean Boswel from FF3 : Tokyo drift makes a little cameo for continuity’s sake. Kurt Russel is impressive as Mr.Nobody , he is funny, he is smooth and he kicks ass!


Speaking of the movie itself, it is a true FF movie that we fans love, and the send-off that Paul Walker deserves. It is not JUST ABOUT SPEED this time, it is funny, it is emotional, it has great hand-to –hand combat, it has breath-taking scenery, it has its outrageous stunts, it has some of the best street racing we have seen in last few years. It is also filled with little nods to original movies that would delight a true fan of the series. You may say that movie is a bit over inflated with action, but hey, this is FF7, are u really pulling TOO MUCH ACTION CARD here? Story, especially God’s eye part is a bit weak, a lot of stunts range between over-the –top to ridiculous, but hey, THAT IS WHAT FF MOVIES are all about!

Special mention to its mountainside race/chase scene and the final race. The movie’s racing action is innovative and fresh. One special mention to the Mountainside race, it ends in my opinion with the FAST AND FURIOUS SOLUTION TO THE ITALIAN JOB PROBLEM (The Italian Job –a 1969 classic movie that inspired the 2003 remake ends with a cliffhanger ,< a real one 😛 , u will get the joke once u see how the mountain chase ends>  a lot of solutions have been put for that.In 2008, the Royal Society Of Chemistry held a competition for a solution that had a basis in science, was to take not more than 30 minutes and did not use a helicopter.)


Another special nod to the climactic race. It was fun, it was fresh, frankly one of the better movie ends I have seen recently.(not gonna spoil it.)

Special commendation to Director JAMES WAN and screenwriter CHRIS MORGAN! They had already created a pretty good movie by the time Paul passed away, and after a grieving period they have worked well  on a seamless movie with rest of scenes put together with help from Paul’s brother ( Caleb and Cody – my sympathies), unused footage and CGI. I frankly was not able to say which scenes were shot without Paul.

The movie ends with a moving tribute by all the actors (especially Vin).They could have honored Paul’s memory in two ways, and for me, they went with the better option ( I guess u know which two I am talking about, see the movie to know which one they went for.)



Fast and furious is an enjoyable ride that is for everyone, ( all who are 18+, I mean 😛 ).

If you are an average movie goer, go for it, it is non stop fun! I rate it 8/10 for you.

If you love Hollywood movies, this is a great Summer block buster, it is 8.5/10 for you!



This movie ends perfectly as either a conclusion to a great movie series or beginning of a new era.

If you are a fan of the series, good news for you. Paul may be gone, but the life in the fast lane goes on. Lucas Black will be back in bigger role in FF8 and FF9. Some may say he has big shoes to fill in, but ToKyo Drift worked because no one tried to be the new Dom or Brian. I am sure Lucas can work his own place in our hearts…

And while Paul and Vin may always be ‘the brothers’, I am so looking forwards to this new pairing!

By: Vitan Patel

  1. Savya says:

    Great, being not a fan of this series… And never even bothered knowing the names of this casting, wasn’t really feeling like watching this movie… Reading this, I think I won’t be disappointed at least…

  2. Savya says:

    Great, I wasn’t really excited to see this movie. Not a fan of this series. Always thought it was hyped. Guess I won’t get disappointed at least.

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