Noah: A Biblical Mess?

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Movies
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Since the day its release was announced, me and my buddy had been flooded with so much of anticipation to watch it. And finally, it hit the theaters, and it hit me in the stomach hard! Seriously!

The movie opens up with beautiful notes of history about mankind. And suddenly, you see the ‘digital snake’! Yes. that reminded me of the reptile game i used to play in my cellphone! Anyways, it is then followed up with a classic Aronofsky-esque hiphop montage that reminds you of the auteur’s Requiem For A Dream(2000). The same sequence is used frequently a lot many more times.

Now, just when the movie was gaining some pace and story in its second act, Aronofsky stabs us with his Rock Transformers! Yes, huge chunks of walking rocks with gravelly voice and bored-up faces- The Watchers! I mean, seriously? For a second, I was in a fix whether it was a Michael Bay movie or what?


As the movie progresses, we see our Noah played by Russel Crowe going to meet his over-thousand-year old grandfather Methuselah, playfully portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. And he shows us some weird ‘forest-raising’ magic.

Soon after another Aronofsky trademark- timelapse photography, we get to see the grown up kids and much older Noah and Naameh. Here enters our antagonist, the old Tubal Cain played by Ray Winstone and we are given a glimpse of the hell of a mankind he rules over.

At times, the movie becomes nothing but a showcase of romance, lust, desperation, hatred, innocence and all shit. Accomapanying all these are some great visuals that are Aronofskian trademarks like the black tinges during subjective confusion of the characters. Also thanks to the awesome CGI used in the flick that makes it somewhat watchable and fun! Otherwise making so many creatures sleep would have been a herculean task.

The only thing that was worth watching was the CGI sequence depicting the creation of Earth and Life on it. It reminded me of a similar sequence I watched recently in Terrence Malick’s The Tree Of Life.

Anyways, at the end of the second act, the movie slowly builds, there is drama, there is suspense – is Noah going to kill Ila’s babies? Is mankind at its end? And slam! All this built up anticipation breaks up rather meekly, just by a song sang by the mother of the babies! WTF!

The movie could have been a lot more better. Darren Aronofsky has set a level of his own that now we expect him to deliver at the same frequency. Noah, being a very low one, defies his skills again.

I wish he comes back with something more genuine and natural.

P.S. I’m planning to make a spoof of this movie with the hope that it gets more hit and viral on the web. Atleast more than this 125 crore budgeted NOAH!


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