Q’s Upcoming Fantasy Thriller ‘LUDO’

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Directors, Movies
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It was just yesterday when i first watched his cult classic “GANDU”! A movie that just swept me off the ground with its vivid story-telling and scenes. The erotic scenes of the glamorous Rii, the headbanging rap by Gandu Circus and over and above that the awesome acting by Anubrata. Q alias Qaushik Mukherjee’s films are not just films, but music that you can see on screen. Yes, that’s why he calls himself a ‘Film DJ’.


Recently, his NFDC sponsored “Tasher Desh” hit the screens worldwide earning a lot of rave reviews from prominent critics. It was termed as a “Tagore on acid trip” movie. That is what his movies make use of mostly. The visual process.

With such great films coming from his kitty, his new fantasy thriller LUDO is definitely going to be looked for by film fraternities all over world. We wish him GOOD LUCK!!

Check out more about it here.


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