Going Deeper Into An Auteur’s Life – Rituparno Ghosh

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Directors
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Very few directors have ever reached to such a zenith at an age in which this maverick auteur had almost left everyone behind in his quest to portray life through the medium of a 35mm screen. Be it the emotions of Sarojini trying to reconcile with her daughter, or the never-lost memories and longing love of Manu, or the clandestine brain behind the murder in Subho Mahurat, it’s a long list to recollect his cinematic artistry.

Beginning a career in advertising, the speed with which he prodded himself into this world of story-telling never fails to amaze me. The other day when I wikied about his filmography, all I could see was a whole list of films accompanied with India’s highest accolades.

But do we really know this man? Have we ever cared to know about him? Until his death? Ask an random person on the streets and they hardly know this auteur that India had given birth to. No one ever cared to learn about his emotions and the dilemmas he faced in his real life until his demise, when the media actually helped everyone bring out of their slumber.

Read this article in which Aparna Sen goes deep into his life and their friendship.

In an interview in August 2012, Ghosh spoke about Tagore— “What comes through is what a lonely man Tagore was — from childhood to old age. There is no one in his life to share even his success with him. It’s the journey of a lonely traveller.” Doesn’t that line to some extent account about his life too?

Your views…?


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